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Suddenly September are Chewy (Vocal), Barry (Drums), and Andin (Saxophone). With the power of Soundcloud and Youtube, this indie band has gained a lot of attention across Indonesia. This covers featuring former Indonesian Idol contestant, Tezza Sumendra. Just, lovely.

"To be told that your work isn’t good enough — to do better, to be more like those pop artists out there that dress sexy and use Auto-tune on their voices — to be compared to someone so different, it hurt," - Colbie Caillat

Brandy - Magic
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We all know that R&B singer, Brandy, is a Coldplay megafan. So when it comes to “Magic”, it’s actually a “magic” for us-who-miss-Brandy. Personally, the original one is good, but this version’s sweeter.

Alexia - Happy
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Alexia is an Italian singer. Before recording in Italian in the 2000s, she made records in English in the 1990s. “Happy” released in 1999, and also featured on a Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden.

Ultra - Say It Once
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Ultra was an English male pop band, which was most successful in the late 1990s. This is the second single from their first album, Ultra. “Say it Once”, charted at #16 in the UK.

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